Soziale Netzwerke Gegen Nazis

What is our Social Network for?

The First Amendment is there for everyone, the right to free speech. However, there are limits to what is considered legal under the category. This right is not held true if the speech is defamatory against others, speech that is harmful to others in any way and any speech that includes threats of violence of any type. Also, if the speech leads to behavior of imminent action that is against the law.

This is why we have chosen to speak out and band together. The actions and words that come from the mouths and behaviors of the Nazi and neo-nazi groups go against every grain of the right to freedom of speech.

We have grouped together as one to contradict what the Nazi and neo-nazi claim is righteous. We cannot tolerate the hate, the discrimination or any discriminatory speeches by those groups. We do not tolerate hatred from anti-gypsy, homophobic or any anti-Semitic stances.

All of our social networks have joined together to oppose the messages of hatred. The right wing extremism is a worldwide problem that you can help to end. Together we can show the contradictions of their beliefs and end the hateful behavior and discriminatory words brought against so many.

You, along with the millions of other users, that believe as we do, and as all these other social media groups do, can help put an end to this. Users can interrupt the negative behavior and words, by standing up for what you know is right. Help the social media sites stand up against these Nazi and neo nazi groups. We do this by contradicting their words, by giving the true facts, by supporting all victims that are included in their rants. Those of us who value the freedom we are allowed through internet usage should remind other users and website owners of their responsibilities towards human lives. If we do not stand up against this hatred, the radicalism and extreme right wing thinking will take over and we cannot allow that to happen.

When we all work together and report any form of Nazi and neo nazi preaching and discriminatory practices we can help eliminate these forms of hatred across the worldwide web. Report the conversations, speeches, and postings to the website owners, so they can take steps to eliminate and remove these radicals. We have the right to report the antisemitic posts as hateful and undesirable. To continue to oppose the discriminatory stance against humanity should not be permitted anywhere. Social media networks need to know that the public stands with them, and are against this form of free speech. The freedom of speech is not an absolute right, it is only fundamental. This means that people or groups cannot gather and use any form of defamation or fraud in the speech that may harm others.

In 2010 the Social Networks against Nazis was launched with hundreds of people rallying on our side. This proved that there are hundreds of thousands who believe as we do, the discrimination and hatred from the Nazi and neo nazi extremists must end. It is a matter of human rights, not hatred or discrimination based on false beliefs.

If like us, you want to keep social networks safe and as a model of free speech, then we band together. To be committed to protecting human rights, all of us need to move forward and put an end to the hate. With thousands of us reporting and taking action against the Nazi and neo nazi hate speech and discrimination, our words, our beliefs will hold true and help those who are being treated with such disdain. There are many of us throughout the internet, we can raise our voices for the rights of humanity, to end this treatment once and for all.

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